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Social compliance

Over a decade ago our company LA Rocks was founded and has been an active participant in social responsibility.  Today as we invest in our future we continue to be strong in the CSR area, continually making advancements in social, environmental and ethical standards throughout our operations.  We incorporate sustainability into all we do nationally and internationally.  LA Rocks is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing of our products with attention to responsible sourcing of materials and also has established a Supplier Code of Conduct to insure our suppliers are conducting business in an ethical and responsible way as well.  We continually strive to reach a common goal of building a socially responsible supply chain.


Conflict Minerals:

The United States Congress passed legislation requiring companies to report the use of “Conflict Minerals” under Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Reform Protection Act.


In accordance with the Conflict Mineral Section of the Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act, LA Rocks is undertaking with suppliers to conduct due diligence to determine if “conflict minerals” are used in any of our products.


Based on our purchasing policy and supplier base it is not likely that conflict minerals are used in the manufacturing of our products.